Xiaomi Mijia M365 foldable mi lightweight long board electric skateboard

Brand: Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter
Battery: Lithium-ion 
Best Brand in the world
their product are not only for consumers but also for 
Police/Government & Military/Security/Emergency Response
Color: Black / White
Product Weight: Approx. 12.5kg /  446oz
Material:   Lightweight Magnesuim-aluminium alloy
(structural material in common use in aviation and space)
possesses stronger impact resistance and load capability with anti-corrosion coating.
IP54 waterproof to have good performance in wet ground, sand 
Software Support: Download APP From Android/iOS store
Product size (before folding) about 1080mm * 430mm * 1140mm
Product size (after folding) about 1080mm * 430mm * 490mm
electric skateboard.jpg
electric skateboard.jpg
Standing tall and straight, but also elegant folding
A wave of a button, 3 seconds fast folding, solid and convenient
Innovative folding design, the bell hook and the rear fender hook clever combination, in ensuring the overall appearance of the design
The language of the case to achieve the folding card position, both to solve the user handling and storage of the trouble, but also follows the minimalist appearance
Design of the original intention. Selection of high-grade folding bike-level folding body, safe, durable and difficult to shake.
electric skateboard.jpg
xiaomi electric skateboard.jpg
Front and rear dual brake system
Night riding safety first
Xiaomi electric scooter, equipped with ventilated disc brake system and E-ABS anti-lock system,
can achieve efficient braking fast response, braking distance as short as 4 meters,
riding safely more peace of mind.
xiaomi mijia electric skateboard.jpg
Sliding anti-shock pneumatic tires
Flat dirt road, deceleration zone can be easily accessible
8.5 inch front and rear pneumatic tires, excellent shock absorption, most urban roads and deceleration
with smooth passage, wear non-slip round surface, to help you move forward steadily. 250W brushless
DC motor, to achieve stable power output, bringing a soft ride comfort experience.
 xiaomi mijia electric skateboard.jpg
Mimi home electric scooter equipped with a car used in the energy recovery system.
In the process of moving, press the brake or release the throttle dial, will start the energy
recovery system, some of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage, and to re-use.
The energy recovery system enhances the user's experience of emergency braking and,
at the same time, recovers energy to help increase endurance.
xiaomi mijia electric skateboard.jpg
xiaomi electric skateboard.jpg
Brandxiaomi electric scooter M365
Frame materialLightweight Magnesuim-aluminium alloy
Dimension108(scooter width) x 430(wheel diameter) x 114(H) cm
Weight12.5kg with battery
SpeedMax 25km/h
LoadMax 100kg
Driven distance30km/h
Motor rated power250W (  Maximum power to 500W  )
Tire size8.5 inches
Power displayLED
GradeabilityMax 14 degree
Brake System Regenerative braking and disc brake combination
Chassis height87.5mm
WaterproofIP54 (ordinary waterproof, can be used in light rain)
Battery30pcs Powerful 18650 battery   (LG battery)  
Smart BMSOverpressure/undervoltage/short circuit/overheating protection,
auto sleep/awake, test the battery condition through APP
Charger rated power71W
Rated input voltage100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Low battery protectionPower is less than 15% start
Charging timeAbout 5.5 hours
Smart systemSupport mobile phone APP boot, shutdown, vehicle information, GPS positioning, mode adjustmen

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